Year Two

We were encouraged to form a committee by another fellow male biker, so we formed a committee and began to plan for the 2nd year.  The first committee was formed at the end of the first ride on June 26, 2015.  The committee members were:  Tameka “Kurvez” Richardson, Patty “Sway” Grisby, and Lashonda “Mi$$Fit” Oglesby. 

477 Miles– Gulfport, MS to Jacksonville, FL

The committee brought structure to the ride.  Sway and Mi$$Fit lived in Jacksonville, so they took on the bulk of the ride activities and created the first “Chat and Chew.” Kurvez was in charge of the route and registration.  The “Chat and Chew” has become the signature empowerment session for the female bikers that participated in the annual ride.  The ride grew from six riders to 50 riders.  In 2015, the ride donated funds to the Hubbard House of Jacksonville.

Pictured :  Various riders from the 2015 ride, the beginning of the ride leaving from Gulfport, and the committee leaving from New Orleans, LA after a bonding session to pick-up our sister  who rode in “SOLO” from California.