Ruby "ThunderKat" Izquierdo (Pep Rally/Garage Party Lead Coordinator)

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MY RIDE: 2017 Road Glide Ultra / 2009 Softail Deluxe Years of Riding: 15 Ms. Bessie Stringfields' legacy has inspired me to ride across as many states as I can and as many times as I can. She did this during times that were much more stressful than what I have today. She had a motorcycle that was not as comfortable, no music, no GPS, and she surely did not have the lodging conditions that I have now. So, why not ride to the places she did and where she could not and leave her legacy for all to know of how great she was as a woman riding a motorcycle. With Ms. Bessie Stringfield's spirit, we are just getting started. I RIDE, BECAUSE SHE RODE.

The Bessie Stringfield Committee was created in 2015 (2nd Year).  Since 2015, the committee has changed but the vision (PROMOTE BESSIE’S LEGACY) and the motivation (RISE & RIDE) has remained the same.  


WE THE COMMITTEE of The Bessie Stringfield All Female Ride are as follows:

Tameka “Kurvez” Singleton (Creator/Chairperson)

Lynette “Tabu” Wigfall (Historian/Public Relations)

Ruby “ThunderKat” Izquierdo (Event Lead Coordinator)

Dolly “Jus’Tis” Johnson (Lead Road Captain)

Yolanda “Shay Shay” Robertson (Team Member)

Shannon “Chocolata” Midgette (Team Member)