Yolanda "Shay Shay" Robertson

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MY RIDE: 2013 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra Years of Riding: 16 I fell in love with riding motorcycles in 2005, but because of Ms. Bessie Stringfield legacy I've gained a deeper passion and place more meaning for motorcycling in my life. In my community, I've always promoted and encouraged others to improve their skills, to push them selves to new limits and to enjoy new experiences. Since learning and becoming familiar with Bessie's ride, I've been inspired, to assist in carrying on her plight. When I think about all the obstacles she had to endure in order to achieve what she did, simply for the love of it, I feel compelled to share her story, ride in her honor, and focus my efforts on supporting the female riding movement through fellowshipping and building true sisterhoods.

The Bessie Stringfield Committee was created in 2015 (2nd Year).  Since 2015, the committee has changed but the vision (PROMOTE BESSIE’S LEGACY) and the motivation (RISE & RIDE) has remained the same.  


WE THE COMMITTEE of The Bessie Stringfield All Female Ride are as follows:

Tameka “Kurvez” Singleton (Creator/Chairperson)

Lynette “Tabu” Wigfall (Historian/Public Relations)

Ruby “ThunderKat” Izquierdo (Event Lead Coordinator)

Dolly “Jus’Tis” Johnson (Lead Road Captain)

Yolanda “Shay Shay” Robertson (Team Member)

Shannon “Chocolata” Midgette (Team Member)