Shannon "Chocolata" Midgette

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MY RIDE: 2016 Road Glide Special Years of Riding: 17 Ms. Bessie Stringfield's legacy has inspired me in many ways. I identify with her because I have a heart to help others; welcomes life's challenges; served faithfully in the USAF and retired; a fighter and survivor in the race and gender war, and all while wanting peace and happiness... words on a page merely show my admiration for this female legend.

The Bessie Stringfield Committee was created in 2015 (2nd Year).  Since 2015, the committee has changed but the vision (PROMOTE BESSIE’S LEGACY) and the motivation (RISE & RIDE) has remained the same.  


WE THE COMMITTEE of The Bessie Stringfield All Female Ride are as follows:

Tameka “Kurvez” Singleton (Creator/Chairperson)

Lynette “Tabu” Wigfall (Historian/Public Relations)

Ruby “ThunderKat” Izquierdo (Event Lead Coordinator)

Dolly “Jus’Tis” Johnson (Lead Road Captain)

Yolanda “Shay Shay” Robertson (Team Member)

Shannon “Chocolata” Midgette (Team Member)