The 2018 ride ended at the Harley-Davidson Museum with a dedication ceremony for Bessie Stringfield and Bessie Stringfield All Female Ride.  We would like to thank Mr. Johnny Whitlock (son of James Whitlock-former Mechanic/Treasurer of the Iron Horses M/C-Opa’Locka, Florida), Mr. Ernest Burnes (Former Vice President, Iron Horses M/C-Opa’Locka, Florida), Ms. Mandy “Ms. Sassy” Mackey ( 2016 Miami Committee) and a special thanks to Mr. Jim Fricke (Curator, Harley-Davidson Museum) and Kimberly Thomas (Senior Archivist, Harley-Davidson Museum), Tim McCormick (Public Relations, Harley-Davidson Museum), and Erica Kaponya (Event Coordinator, Harley-Davidson Museum).  

The Milwaukee motorcycle community welcomed us to their city and we appreciate the hospitality (RAW IRON Brotherhood M/C, Winchester Henry, Yolanda Robertson, Lynnette Patterson and many more).  THANK YOU!

We enjoyed every mile!