2018 Jay Leno’s Garage Appearance “GOING THE DISTANCE”

Photos Courtesy of American Motorcyclist Association and CNBC

The Bessie Committee completed a cross-country ride to California to film the Jay Leno’s Garage show in May 2018.  The ride included sites such as Lorraine Motel (Memphis, Tennessee), Central High School (Little Rock, Arkansas), Grand Canyon (Arizona), East Bay Dragons M/C Memorial Day Dance (Oakland, California), Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, California), and finally to Burbank, California to film the show.  We rode with Jay Leno to film the show as family members and spectators watched.  We would like to send the Rock Store (Malibu, CA) owner (Rich) a very special thank you for hosting us.

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Jay Leno featured a group of riders on his TV show who annually honor another Hall of Famer, Bessie Stringfield. The Bessie Stringfield All-Female Ride was inspired by the first female African-American motorcyclist to have crossed the country.